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Leadership Tenets

  1. Put people first. Customers, co-workers, even ourselves. Respect one another. Support diversity and inclusivity. Everyone; from all walks of life; all of the time.
  2. Get real! Be authentic and transparent. Be honest with yourself and others. Bring your true self to work. Don’t hide data, make it accessible, and communicate early and often.
  3. Act like an owner; Be a team player. Set a vision, inspire, and align the team. Be willing to roll up your sleeves, lead by example, and dive deep when necessary. Value team success over individual success. If it’s broke, help fix it. Together we go far!
  4. Embrace change with continuous learning and improvement. We are all students. We all make mistakes. Be curious; explore. Leave things better than you found them.
  5. Insist on the highest standards Look for opportunities to raise the bar and advocate for excellence wherever possible.
  6. Keep it simple. The code we write, the way we communicate, team processes - everything should be done as simple as possible, but not simpler.
  7. Move fast, iterate, and deliver results. Be agile and lean with a bias for action. Look for ways to pull feedback as soon as possible. Focus on outcomes over output.